Afghan Luminous Sun

AFGHAN LUMINOUS SUN - NAZO Professional Education Center for Afghan Women (ALS) is a non-profit organization registered in Kabul (number 13). ALS is a women's organization, and its primary goal is to contribute to the development of an equal civil society. To achieve this, women in particular need to be supported in exercising their rights and becoming self-reliant.
The initiators of AFGHAN LUMINOUS SUN - NAZO are convinced that the cooperative membership and collaboration of men is necessary and correct. So it is also practiced from the beginning.

AFGHAN LUMINOUS SUN - NAZO (ALS) works with the money that NAZO-Deutschland e.V. sends to Afghanistan. The amounts come from the BMZ, the Future Foundation for Development in Bochum, the Foundation Action Poor World Ludwigsburg, or from our donations. In addition, ALS has funds from the sales of the tailor, leather and jewelry workshops affiliated with the ALS centers.

Since March 2009, all NAZO trainings are state-approved, which is marked accordingly on each certificate.

When in 2002 began restoration work on the ruins, Kart-e-nau lay on the outskirts of the city, was almost still a village. Kabul had 300,000 inhabitants at that time. Today, more than 5 million people live in the greater Kabul area.
It took about a year for us in Germany to secure the funds that NAZOAfghanistan had budgeted for the construction of the NAZO training center. First, a building had to be found, because Kabul consisted almost entirely of ruins in the spring of 2002. One of them was repaired, and two new buildings were added. The entire site on which the three buildings stand is surrounded by a high wall.


Here, 30 women a year are trained as tailors. It started in 2004 with widows, because they had suffered the most in the past civil war and Taliban times.
But soon the women asked if we could train their daughters, because they themselves had to take care of their children and elderly relatives. We took up this suggestion, and already in the 2nd round of training in 2005/2006, the female students became younger.

Kabul 2002 - 5 years of civil war and 5 years of Taliban.

The ruin that will become a NAZO center.

Updated: 25.02.2019

Thank you

At this point we would like to thank all donators who helped us so generously with their charitable contribution - in money and kind -   and for your reliance and trustfulness. Without your donation it would be impossible for us to pay the running expenses, as the wages of the afghan employees, of our projects.We also would like to warmly thank all of the institutions, which helped us with their generous support to get these projects in Afghanistan started:

BMZ (Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung)
SEZ (Stiftung Entwicklungszusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg)
GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)
ASB (Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund)

Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklungshilfe bei der GLS Treuhand e.V.
Zonta Club, Murnau-Staffelsee
Aktion Arme
Solar Global e.V.
Welt Rotary Hilfe e.V., Ludwigsburg

And we are also very thankful for the support of the Engagement Global (former Bengo)-associates. And finally of course we thank all of the associates of the organization NAZO/ALS in Afghanistan for their dedicated support of promoting the idea of self-help.