Afghan Luminous Sun

NAZO Professional Education Center for Afghan Women

AFGHAN LUMINOUS SUN - NAZO Professional Education Center for Afghan Women (ALS) is an in Kabul registered, charitable organisation (Number 13). ALS is a Women association and its main aim is to contribute to the development of an equal-righted civilian population. To do so, one of the first steps is to support women within their process of becoming independent and taking account of their rights.
The organisations initiators consider men’s cooperative participation and membership as right and important, that is why men have been participating in this project from the beginning.

The work of AFGHAN LUMINOUS SUN - NAZO (ALS) is funded by monies send to them via NAZO-Germany e.V. .These sums were contributed by BMZ, the Foundation „Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklung“ Bochum, the Foundation „Aktion Arme Welt“ Ludwigsburg and by the donations NAZO-Germany e.V receives.
Furthermore ALS has at its disposal the income of the sold handcrafted products of their leather-, tailoring- and jewellery- workshops.

Since March 2009 all of the NAZO job trainings are officially recognized and licensed, which is noted on the certifications.

Today the women of ALS are working at four different locations: the job training centre in Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna currently runs 2 independent workshops (leather and jewellery) and a tailoring-training for 32 students.
The women who used to work in the village Sheweki recently moved to Kart-e-nau because Sheweki, being located very close to the Taliban-occupied province of Logar was not safe any longer. Currently there are 9 women having their own workshop in Kart-e-nau and they also opened a shop for selling their products.
Three of the already professional tailors are themselves training new students and that is why we have altogether as much as 48 women and girls in Kart-e-nau who are being trained to become a tailor.
In the village of Kamari since Autumn 2015 besides the workshop there has also been installed a shop by the women to sell the products independently.
In November 2013 a new NAZO job training centre in Nejrab was opened, here as much as 70 women and girls are being trained for tailoring right now. Some of them are already promoting and selling their products independently, but an own shop is still missing.
In all of the NAZO centres besides the job training, which includes childcare, alphabetisation-courses and consulting services are additionally offered.



You can support our work by donating or buying a LUMINOUS PIECE FROM HINDUKUSH

Updated: 17.02.2016

When in 2002 we started with the restoration of one of the many ruins in Kart-e Now, it was still a little village close to the suburbs of Kabul. Kabul counted 300000 inhabitants these days, today its population grew up to 5 Million in the city and its surrounding province.  It took us almost a year to fight for the financial support we needed to realize the plans of NAZO Afghanistan to build a job-training centre in Kabul. Initially a building had to be found which proved to be very difficult since Kabul was made of ruins in Spring 2002. But finally we started the restoration of one of these, added two new buildings next to it and the whole territory got protected by high walls which now surround the space. 



From this moment on the job training of 30 women/year began.We started in supporting and training only widows because it was them who suffered most through the rough war times but very soon they began to ask whether there was a chance for their daughters to be trained too, since they themselves had still lot to do with taking care of their families. And so we took this in consideration and it was 2005/2006 when we started to train young women and girls too. Kabul 2002 – that meant 5 years of Taliban-Reign and 5 Years of war. And in the middle of this a war-ruin was being turned into a NAZO-Centre.

Kabul 2002 - 5 years of civil war and 5 years of Taliban.

The ruin that will become a NAZO center.

Thank you

At this point we would like to thank all donators who helped us so generously with their charitable contribution - in money and kind -   and for your reliance and trustfulness. Without your donation it would be impossible for us to pay the running expenses, as the wages of the afghan employees, of our projects.We also would like to warmly thank all of the institutions, which helped us with their generous support to get these projects in Afghanistan started:

BMZ (Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung)
SEZ (Stiftung Entwicklungszusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg)
GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)
ASB (Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund

Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklungshilfe bei der GLS Treuhand e.V.
Zonta Club, Murnau-Staffelsee
Aktion Arme
Solar Global e.V.
Welt Rotary Hilfe e.V., Ludwigsburg

And we are also very thankful for the support of the Engagement Global (former Bengo)-associates. And finally of course we thank all of the associates of the organization NAZO/ALS in Afghanistan for their dedicated support of promoting the idea of self-help.