Our achievements (2002-2018)

Since 2002 we have been working in Germany for Afghan women. Our work is diverse and includes the following areas:

  • We give presentations and invite to film events.
  • We write newsletters and give interviews. 
  • And we sell jewelry, bags and textiles.

All of these activities and your donations allow us to act as follows in Afghanistan.

Our target groups are in particular illiterate women of poor families.

At the moment there is a lot of talk about the refugees who come to us and seek our help. 

But how can we help the people in their own country? 

For more than 15 years NAZO has been working from this other perspective: to give women and girls on-site the possibility to build a future with their own strength and intelligence in their home country. 

Because confident, educated women strengthen families, increase family income and create opportunities for their own children in their own country. Root causes of migration are thus contained. 

Meanwhile our work in Germany has become so extensive that our activities can no longer be handled by voluntary work alone. 

We are therefore seeking a possibility to finance a position for our association here in Germany, who will take care about important core tasks. 

We hope for your interest and remain, yours sincerely,

Elke Jonigkeit-Kaminski



During the years we have been renovating a ruin (2003 in Kabul, right photo), we have built a new training center in Kabul (2010, photo upper left) and finished a house in Ghazi Big Kheel (2014, province of Kapiza, photo upper right). It was clear from the start what these houses were built for, or why we had renovated them - to strengthen the women's confidence and help them to gain autonomy - according to our motto:

"When we strengthen the women, a peaceful civil society will develop in Afghanistan."


1020 women

have been trained in these three NAZO centers until today.

In the professions:

jewelry design,
leather products,
carpets (knotting and weaving)


102 rural women

come on top of it who were supported with cows by NAZO Germany e.V.

Further training

1122 women

and several other women from the surroundings participated during these years in the following courses*: 


Legal counselling
Health counselling
Sales training


* (we were not able to capture the number) 

Background information

All 1122 women are part of an extended family

which consists of 7 or more members in Afghanistan. (Imagine about 8,000 people who were given a future perspective by NAZO Germany e.V.!)

The trained women established their own workshops in their homes, attached a sign on the house front to point female customers to the fact that here they could commission clothes or other goods. After creation they are paid by their female customers - and thus contribute to the family income. In many cases they are the sole providers of the family. 

The rural women produce yoghurt and other milk products which they sell at the market to obtain an income. It feeds themselves and their children, or rather contribute to the family income.

After the training some women joined forces and established independent studios.

Under the founded label „W.L.S. (Women’ Luminous Sun“) they sell their products on local trade fairs and in the salesrooms of their studios.


7 independent studios

Four independent tailoring workshops have been formed, two of these were extended with a shop. (in Kabul, in the villages Arbab Kheel, Gazi Big Kheel and Kamari.)

33 women work in 4 of these studios. Their monthly wage lies between 50 € and 100 €, depending on performance. Some of the women have trainees, they pass on their knowledge.

We try to sell the most beautiful textiles here in Germany as well.


A workshop for bags, where 5 women work at the moment. For them it is most difficult to become established on the local market. There is a lack of adequate machines which are not available in Afghanistan or hard to come by.  Their monthly income lies below 50 € per person.

We also support the bags' manufacturer by selling their products in Germany

A jewelry workshop, where 11 women work at the moment. They earn slightly less than the tailors (but at least about 50 € per month per woman). They, too, train new students.

Because of the dangerous security situation in Afghanistan we support them here in Germany by offering their jewelry for sale.


A carpet workshop with 15 members already exists in Kabul. 

The manufacturing of carpets is an old traditional Afghan craft - very often the carpet is the only piece of "furniture" in a house.   
Afghan carpets are in demand worldwide and we hope that the carpet weavers can open up their own independent market.  

Currently they earn about 80 € a month.

In Ghazi Big Kheel (Kapiza) many women are still in training, nevertheless they also sell their independently produced carpets. Here a second carpet workshop is being established. 


For women in a particular state of need

Especially old women, sick women, women with many and/or disabled children etc. are looking for sponsorships here in Germany. 

Currently 119 people from Germany support 119 of these deplorable women.

Livestock farming

For 102 families

On top of this, the women in Afghanistan dedicated themselves to the even poorer rural women and started the so-called "cow-projects". 
From 2013 until now 51 pregnant cows were distributed to particularly poor rural women. The first calf, which is born by the cow, is given to a different poor woman. The mother cow remains with the first owner. The sale of milk, yoghurt, and butter ensures a long-term livelihood for the cow owners. 

In this way by buying 51 pregnant cows 102 families were given a livelihood.