Members in Afghanistan

Parwin, founding member and head of the association in Kabul until 2008. Mrs Parwin Dost is one of the 5 principals of the girls' grammar school "Aisha-i-Durani", which has been supported by the Federal Republic of Germany right from the beginning. Parwin Dost is a founding member and a long-term support of the association. She says:

„Our women's association in Kabul, NAZO, consists of two sections: the association NAZO and the NAZO center. In the NAZO center we bring together women who used to stay at home before. It is our goal to get the women out of their homes and lead them the way on how to earn money, how to become independent. Right from the start it has also been very important to teach the women reading and writing. 

On top of this we immediately introduced counselling courses, for example, health counselling or legal counselling and the NAZO childcare.

When we started there was a basic problem: In our society men are the decision makers, women come second. We always have to solve the problem to get the permission that the women can leave their home to learn a profession. First of all we talk to the influential representatives of the area, where we want to open up the women's center. Afterwards we go from house to house and talk to the head of the household, so that they would allow their women and girls to visit the training center."

Zarif Samim. He is the leader of the consulting team of the association "Afghan Luminous Sun" (Khorshede Taban). He came to "Afghan Luminous Sun - NAZO Professional Education Center (A.L.S.) about a year ago. Zarif works in the ministry of economy and is a great help for all conversations with the authorities. 
Zarif writes:

Kabul, 15.05.2017
Many greetings. I hope you are well! It is a pity that you weren't given a visa for Afghanistan this year and you could not come. We had so hoped to see you. 
.... The staff and I have hard days behind us .... Now we are making an effort to work together with all authorities on a peaceful basis to prevent any future problems for the association "Afghan Luminous Sun" (Khorshede Taban). These problems cost a lot of our energy. But now they have been solved. 

I was able to travel to the province of Kapisa on the 11.05.2017 with professor PARWIN, NAQIB „JAWED“ and KHATNAM RAHIMA. There we talked to the directors of the responsible sectors. They have promised us their support for the cooperation.

On the 14.05.2017 the ministry for women's affairs has signed a contract with the association KHORSHEDE TABAN for cooperation.

Last but not least professor RAHIMA has contacted the state secretary of the authority for education on the 14.05.2017 and she received the desired certificates for "Learning and Writing". This step is a huge asset for the association KHORSHEDE TABAN. (Note of the translator: state certificate to hold literacy courses). 

In the future we will pass on any development of the association KHORSHEDE TABAN straight away. This I promise you. On top of it we will send you all tasks of the association KHORSCHEDE TABAN soon. We also hope for a good cooperation from your side.

Yours sincerely, Zarif Samim,

Director of the responsible consulting team of the institute KHORSHEDE TABAN(the association Afghan Luminous Sun)

Jawid Naqibullah – one of the few men in the team, he has been there right from the start. He was a founding member and knows the NAZO work on-site particularly well. In May 2017 he has been elected as managing director. 

He writes on the 06.06.2017:

„Many thanks, we are physically intact, but our minds have suffered a great deal. Since the last attack in Wazir-Akbar-Khan / Kabul the security status here is worse than every since the fall of the Taliban 15 years ago.  
5 days have passed since the attack of the German embassy - but still all main roads in Kabul are closed. People, staff, and students cannot reach their workplace and are facing different problems.  

In these times your are the only ones who support us and give us strength. 

About Nejrab: At the moment Madina is in Nejrab und will stay there until the end of the week. Work at the center is making good progress. The first workshop (studio) has been established and the women and their former students - as always - are hardworking. Unfortunately the 2nd workshop (studio) with attached shop Negina Saloon at the bazar of the village Arbab Kheel is not yet active, because we still haven't got enough money for it.“ 

Hamidullah Hamidi is the head of finances of A.L.S. He was recruited in July 2016 and has evolved to become a vital support.  

He wrote on the 11.08. from Kabul:

Greetings from Kabul! hope you are fine and healthy with member of families.
For your information I would like to let you know that I had a meeting in the ALS office and they adviced me that I should introduce myself to you.
My name is Hamidullah Hamidi. I am from Badakhshan province. I have a bachelor degree of English literature and a one year business Administration diploma. And I have more than seven years experience of different kinds of positions like (Administration, Finance, Procurement and Logistic). And since more then one month ago I have been working with ALS as Admin Finance officer.
Thanks and best regards Hamidi

Today Rahima is the manager of all workshops (studios). She is a former student and dreamt of her own jewelry workshop in the province of Kapiza. In June 2017 Rahima says:

„In the NAZO center I learned to become a master jeweler. Master Saber made me his assistant. I am very proud of it. A couple of months ago I took over the management of all workshops. The production of jewelry, leather and textile products pleases all women of the workshops. But at the moment it's hard to sell anything. People are poor and very worried because the security situation has not improved for so many years now - no, it has even become worse. But we do not give up. With your help we participate in several trade fairs, although we constantly fear attacks."

A quote from the year 2012:

"What are my wishes for the future? We should found a jewelry workshop - then we could all work together. It is a male profession - and to settle down there is very difficult. But we women - together - yes, we can do it."

Madina nowadays manages the training center in Nejrab.
At the same time she is responsible for all "cattle projects".
Already in 2003 she has seen the NAZO training center has her chance. She came to the center just to "have a look" as she used to say back then. She wasn't an official student - but she learned quickly and has been involved in the NAZO help for self-help since then.  

She wrote on the 12.12.2016

"In the years 2013 - 2016 we gave 40 cows and calves to poor rural women, who lived in the different villages of the Nejrab district. Through this, life has rapidly improved for these families. A cow is a huge valuable. The women transport a part of the milk to the dairy each day, another part is used for themselves and their families. A third part is sold as yoghurt at the bazaar. In this way they earn their own money, from which they can buy daily necessities and support their children. 
The cows calve at least once a year and a new calf is born. That is a huge advantage for the owner. The calf grows up and can be sold for good money. The families prefer to keep the female animals. There are already families in the villages who have several cows. 

The cattle projects are a great chance for the families. We from NAZO Afghanistan (ALS) are very proud to have made so many rural women and their families happy. Madina, 12.12.2016"

Bilgis is the manager of the new training carpet weaving and knotting; in the house in Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna, Kabul.

She says in July 2017:

„For us women each year is a difficult year because the security problems are increasing. Many women retreated from the public, politics and especially from the media. This causes us concern. But nevertheless we NAZO women pursue our targets without hesitation. We extended our course offers for profession and further training and developed our trade relations within the country and abroad. Even after the great attacks in 2017 we will not let ourselves be intimidated, instead we will join our forces to build a positive future for women. We will stick to our goals to train the women, be it alphabetization, the learning of a profession, or the area of trade and sale, with all of our joined forces.“


Wasima - we are especially proud of her.
In the village of Kamari she was trained as a tailor in the NAZO training center. Then she founded the first women workshop ("studio" as our women in Afghanistan call it) there. Next she opened the first independent women's shop in her village.
Following her example, women in Kart-e-nau, Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna and Nejrab extended their studios to shops. All shops are now called "Negina Saloon" = shiny gemstone and sell"everything women need."
Wasima is illiterate - but has been learning to read and write right from the beginning in the NAZO literacy courses. 

Alyia  (no photo yet) is responsible for the sponsorships.

Updated: 18th September 2017