Former Students

Talking to students who have ended their vocational training in July 2014.

Escape forward

Almost all professions in Afghanistan are nowadays practiced by men. Several men are still reluctant to stay in the same room with foreign women. The majority finds it discriminating to teach women. Therefore it is very hard to find male trainers.

The NAZO women took the bull by the horns: Many former students are ALS/NAZO trainers today. All three tailoring trainers are former students. In the jewelry and leather divisions former students are teaching the basic skills. Only in the advanced courses male trainers are consulted.

Rahima is a trained jeweller, today she is a trainer herself and lead the jewelry workshop in Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna.

Gulzia learned to grind gemstones and today she leads the gemstone manufacturing unit.

Fatema learned to produce bags and today she leads the leather workshop.

Wasima learned the tailoring craft in the ALS/NAZO center. Today she teaches in the village of Kamari and at the same time she is the head of the house.

Dshamila has learned sewing in Kart-e-nau and says:

Palwasha learned sewing in Kart-e-nau, today she has a workshop in her village of Sheweki. Because she and her sister cannot cope with the many orders, they partly give the work to the NAZO tailoring workshops in Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna, or in Kart-e-nau.



Jamila and Hidbibi, who graduated from the tailoring workshop in the NAZO center, work from home. They say in an interview:

State-approved certificate of Khafira. She says about her vocational training in the NAZO center: