Reports of Former Students

Discussion with Students after the Certificate Ceremony

1. Student: At home I would have never learned tailoring. On top of that we have a literacy course here, and also the health counselling helps a lot. We came her to become a tailor - and we really learn the basic skills  of the tailoring craft. Apart from that I have met many other women.
2. Student: At home we now already won't commission clothes to a tailor any longer. I bought myself a sewing machine and buy the necessary items to sew the clothes for my family myself. I am determined to work as an independent tailor after the training. 
3. Student: I always used to be home alone. I already had depressions because I couldn't do any training - just the household chores, each and every day. I used to do all the household chores by myself, now my husband helps me. My daughter is 6 years old, after school she goes directly to the NAZO kindergarten. The fact that NAZO has a kindergarten - that's great.
4. Student: Yes, it's really good that NAZO has a kindergarten. Otherwise I could not come, I have three children at the age of 8, 6, and 2 years old.
5. Student: In the beginning I thought it would be enough if I could just sew the clothes for my family. But now I dare to do much more. We have produced more than 30 cuts by ourselves - and our teacher is teaching us much more.
6. Student: It's like this: once you can leave your house, you see so much, get to know so may new people - you will find your own way yourself then. Once your eyes have been opened - your future will look so much better. 

Schaima, head of the house in Kart-enau: Some women have problems, they do not get the permission of their families to come to the NAZO center. They were forebidden to be taught here. We have cried a lot with these women.
7. Student: It was hard for me to persuade my father, that it is good to learn in the NAZO center. I have discussed a lot with him - actually I rather fought. Now he takes me here every day. I have to pay 120 Afs. for the bus a week - nevertheless I come here because I can learn so much. 
8. Student: I also have to come a long way to the center, it takes me 1,5 h to come here. In the morning I have to leave at 5.30 am and in the evening I go back with my father. 
9. Student: My father said to me: "You weren't allowed to visit a school during Taliban times, now grab the opportunity and make something of yourself." That's why I am here and I try really hard.
10. Student: There is no other course in Kabul where you can learn so much. Most courses take only 3 months, that's all - and there is no guarantee that you learned something.
11. Student: Of course I'll go and find myself a job after the training, either in the fashion industry or in a tailoring factory - but most of all I'd love to open up my own business.

Summary of the overall opinion: "If we could all open up a business after the training, we would be ready to take out a loan and pay it back later. "

Kafira, former student

I have been working in an industrial area in a sewing factory which produces uniforms for the Afghan army for 5 months now. Currently I earn 3500 Afs* a month.
In parallel I am trained for the programming of a computer controlled sewing machine.

The training in the NAZO center has helped me to get the job at the uniform factory. After the boss had checked my certificate of the NAZO center he treated me with greatest respect. He even chose me to do the training for the computer machine. Then I can get a monthly wage of 4700 Afs. Apart from myself there are 7 other former students of the NAZO center working with me.

Very important about our training in the NAZO center was the fact that I gained self-confidence and became brave. Additionally I learned reading and writing.
With the help of the confidence I gained during the training, I am capable to solve problems of any kind much better now. At the beginning of the training I even had problems hearing my own voice.

I also participated in the additional training "Successful sale". Our nice teacher Mr Anief gave us the task to present our concerns impressively and use verified arguments. His lessons broadened our horizon - for this I want to personally thank him - and of course thank those who made the training in the NAZO center possible. 

At home I also sew the clothes of my family, about 3-4 pieces a week. I taught my sister to help me with it. She can already do the smaller tasks herself. 

State-approved certificate of Khafira. She says about her training in the NAZO center:

I shall find something that wasn't good during the training? I can't do that! Everything was good, even fantastic. The chemistry among the leadership team and the students was always good - that's why we still love to come here today.

What could be improved?
It is very good that there is a kindergarten. Additionally we receive health counselling free of charge and the children are taught also free of charge. I cannot find anything that could be done better.

Maybe it would be better if the students had more perfect machines.

Again I want to - representing all students of this year - sincerely thank you.

* 1,00 € = about 70 AFN (Afghani)

Jamila and Hidbibi

Jamila and Hidbibi, graduates from the tailoring training in the NAZO center, work from home. They say in an interview:

Directly after the training in the NAZO center we asked how much we could earn in the close-by sewing factory and what skills were requested.

In parallel we tried to land enough orders to go into business ourselves in our parents' house. Luckily we succeeded to receive an order to sew curtains.
Our family helped us. Our father has supported us a lot. Our sister got a sewing machine herself, too. The three of us spend the whole day sewing from early in the morning until late at night. Only when our father complains we go to bed.

There are days where we earn up to 4000 Afs (about 60€), on average we earn 25.000,-- Afs (about 370,- €) a month. Now we are specialized in sewing curtains, but we also take on orders from the neighbourhood and sew clothes. 
In our area where we live, the women love to come to our house - because there are only (male) tailors here apart from us. We don't even have to have a sign at our door - it has spread like wildfire that (female) tailors take on orders here.
We charge about 200 - 600 Afs. from our neighbours per piece of clothes.
We now have a complete workshop at home. Altough we are only women in our house (apart from my father) our standard of living has improved a lot. None of us three sisters intends to marry. 

Dshamila, former student:

I have been trained for 18 months in the NAZO center. In my opinion the lessons didn't have any gaps. I am still in contact with may women from my year today. If time allows it, we visit each other and visit the NAZO training center.

At the moment I earn about 3500 - 4000 Afs. I can independently command my money. I decide whether I save it or whether I buy something for the household or for myself.

Independence is something very beautiful for us women. 
We always pray for you, for all, who are involved in this project.

Just the fact that we are no more seen as additional and annoying mouth to feed is worth everything. But the use is much greater: Because we earn our own money, we can now participate in the family's decisions.

Right from the start I have believed that we can make it to earn our own money with tailoring - but I didn't know that we would gain so much self-confidence. This is just as useful as the learnt profession.

Dshamila has learned sewing in Kart-e-nau and says: