Locations of the projects


Graphics: Andreas Kleinbub




  1. Kart-e-nau (Outskirts of Kabul, since 2004):
    Headquarters. Since 2004 30 women and girls have been trained to become tailors here. Since 2013: Tailoring workshop
    Since 2004: Kindergarten.
  2. Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna (Kabul 2011):
    Opening 2011. Here 105 students learned three handicraft trades: tailoring (50 students), leather design (25 students), jewelry design (30 students).
    Since 2011: Kindergarten.
    Since April 2014: Tailoring training  for 30 women: two workshops: Jewelry and Leather.
  3. Kamari village (province of Kabul, since 2011):
    In Kamari the NAZO women started the Livestock keeping projects for rural women in 2011;
    2012/13 30 women were trained as Tailors.
    Since 2014 there is a Tailoring workshop.
  4. Nejrab region (province of Kapiza, since 2012):
    2014: Construction of a new NAZO training center, since October 2014.
    In 2013 a Livestock keeping project  was started here, too.
  5. Scheweki village (province of Kabul)
    In 2006/07 25 women were trained as bakers, in 2011 25 women were trained as tailors.

Karte-e-nau, since 2004

Kamari, since 2011



Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna, since 2011

Nejrab, livestock keeping since 2013



Ghazi Big Kheel, Kapiza, 2014

Arbab Kheel, since 2017, Kapiza



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