Development of the building

NAZO-Centre in Ahmad Shah Baba Mena

NAZO-Tour around the building lot.
from the left: Jawed, Mastura, Rahima; Nurullah; Marina


Students in the courtyard

In October 2010 the construction of the Nazo-Center in Ahmad Shah Baba Jena got started. It was completed in October 2011. In November of the same year the job trainings begun to take place on a regular basis. Since then 105 Students went on job trainings for becoming tailoresses, jewellery- and leather designer.



The whole building (The encircling wall, purification plant and portable water supply well) were devised, planned and established by an afghan construction firm.

The Interior - like the electrical engineering, sanitary facilities, furnishing, kitchen facilities etc. - was fabricated by afghan craftspeople.
The relatives of the students took care of the place's security, during one year and around the clock.

duration of construction: 12 months



Distribution of food

Dining hall