In the countryside

The NAZO women arrive in Nejrab and talk to the villagers.

Also for the women in the countryside the situation has changed during the last 35 years of war. Family members died in the war or were left disabled. They often lost all of their possessions. Training and professional opportunities were poor before the war and still remain poor. You could almost say that the wars made the situation even worse.

Nowadays the influences of the media add to the uncertainty of the men. The fear to no longer be able to control the women increases. Technical achievements, such as cars, TVs, or mobile phones are happily accepted. This is much more difficult with social changes.



The NAZO women work in the regions:


Arrival of the students in the NAZO center in Kamari, province of Kabul.


In Nejrab, province of Kapiza, a cattle project was carried out.


NAZO center in Sheweki, province of Kabul