NAZO house in Kart-e-nau

We could no longer finance the house in Kart-e-nau.
May 2018, the NAZO women (the Afghan Luminous Sun association) moved the offices to Ahmad Schah Baba Mena and returned the house to the owner. 

From October 2018, the association Afghan Luminous Sun again rented some rooms on the first floor.
In these are now the tailor's workshop and the attached store "Negina Saloon".

Review - NAZO Center in Kart-e-nau

NAZO-Centre, Courtyard

The building after repairs.

Left: Wing with kitchen and sanitary facilities, Right: kindergarden.

A street in Kart-e-nau.

Main building with classrooms.

The well in the courtyard.

Fetching water in front of the NAZO-Centre.