Nejrab, Province of Kapiza

Nejrab is about a 4-hours drive north east of Kabul. The road ends in Alasay. Afterwards gravel roads lead into the mountains. You often have to conquer bottlenecks. Then these "jeep able roads" completely end, and you have to find your way through the riverbed. In the end it's much less exhausting to walk to the village by foot. 

Here the women of NAZO also perform "cattle projects" .

You cannot go on by car.

You better walk the last bit on foot.

Here the solar lamps were given to very poor families. 

Construction of the new NAZO center

Photos from the renovation works of the house in Nejrab. They started on the 01.10.2014 and were finished by 31.12.2014, so that the lessons could begin on the 01.01.2015.

The indoor and outdoor painting started after beginning of spring. It is too cold and wet for it in winter.