Independent stores

The security situation in Afghanistan has not improved. It is so catastrophic that the mood among "our" women is turning into one of grim defiance. Every day when they leave the house, they don't know if they can return alive. This has been going on for years now.
They mail me photos and reports of their activities, which make me suspect that women "put all their eggs in one basket" according to the motto: The attacks, assassinations, crimes are getting worse day by day, police and army cannot protect us, foreign countries have forgotten us (again), do not want to or cannot pacify Afghanistan - so they take the "flight forward" and go outside, pretending that the situation is normal.

Here we show you the three stores in Kabul: in Daudzai Business Center (Malik Asghar Square); in Khair Khana neighborhood and Kart-e-nau.
But 2 stores have also been established in the provinces: in Kamari village and Arbab Kheel in Kapiza province.
In addition, "our women" participate in many sales fairs at home and abroad.

Afghan Luminous Sun (WLS)




Khair Khana

Ghazi Big Kheel

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