Participation in trade fairs at home and abroad

Since 2009 NAZO women contribute to national and international trade fairs. Marina proudly states:

"By participating in trade fairs within the country and abroad, we always encounter a huge interest and we sell well, sometimes even excellent - we even receive orders from Berlin. Our range of products has not only improved, but also been extended. Our leather goods are sometimes designed with embroidery and pieces of jewelry. In this way handbags, document and laptop cases, wallets, and even schoolbags are produced. Our bunk has been named the best sales booth twice.The ministry of trade suggested that we should participate in the international crafts exhibition in Dubai. In the beginning we were skeptical that our expenses would exceed our income, particularly because we did not have that many products. But after talking to NAZO Germany e.V. we accepted the offer."


Journey to China 2019

In 2017, the First Lady - Mrs. Rula Ghani, the wife of President Ashraf Ghani, - had launched the Chamber of Commerce for Women. Mrs. Rahima was a member of the newly established Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce from the very beginning with her sales activities for the A.L.S. Afghanistan Association. It was justified by saying, "... because Ms. Rahima represents a large group of freelance women." (Meaning the A.L.S. women who work in workshops and stores).In the summer of 2019 Rahima was selected along with 3 other Afghan women to participate in a professional development seminar in China (Changsha city). Duration of the seminar: 07 August to 26 September 2019. She describes her experience like this:

"This was a great opportunity. We got to know a lot of interesting machines and were introduced to many novel designs and working methods. We learned ways to work faster and more efficiently. Besides the many things I learned during class, it was a very important experience to experience what it is like to always have electricity, to feel safe outside, to have women respected. Once we stayed outside a little longer, I realized that people in Afghanistan are much less nice to each other than they are here. During the constant war in my home country, people have lost trust in each other and many of our hospitable customs have been lost".

Sales fair in Herat, 2019

Fair in Kolkata (India) 2018

Sales fair in Turkmenistan, 2017

Trade fair in Kabul, 2016

Trade fairs in Dubai