Azezo continues in Kabul

Kapiza province is one of the most dangerous provinces in Afghanistan. There are frequent assassinations and/or kidnappings. Thus, most of the heads of families forbade their wives and daughters to continue visiting the workshop store in Arbab Kheel. But AREZO and 3 brave fellow women did not want to give up and persuaded their families to give permission to move the workshop store to Kabul, in the Khair Khana neighborhood. The opening was on November 15, 2018 and they named their store with integrated tailoring workshop "Neginna Tailor - Afghan Design". Here are some photos:

Workshop store in Khair Khana

Arezo writes from Kabul:

"Dear Elke, as you know we had 2 tailoring studios in Nejrab, the first one is in the main house of Nejrab (Ghazi Beg Kheel), and the second one was in the village of Arbab Kheel. The person responsible for this studio was me, Arezo. When Nurullah was here in Kabul, he proposed to move this studio to Kabul.

I agreed to this proposal and I wrote you a report about this project (see the email of December 11, 2018). At that time you sent 1000 € for the construction of the store "Neginna Tailor - Afghan Design".
With this money we transported the machines from Arbab Beg Kheel to Kabul and equipped the store in Khair-Khana Kabul. With the rest of this money I paid the rent for 5 months (01 November 2018 to 30 March 2019) The rent of the store, which is 8000* AFN per month. (1,00 € = 85 AFN)
Me and my 3 colleagues who are tailors, we work well together.
But our income is only small. One reason was certainly the winter. I talked to the landlord and reduced the rent to 5000 AFN.
But even this money we can not raise.
We ask you to support us once again.

If I can't pay the rent, I will go back to Nejrab and work at home.

Then these 5 months here in Kabul will be a very good memory for me and my team.
Many greetings, Arezo"


I pass this request to you - please donate for the preservation of the store "Neginna Tailor - Afghani Design" in Khair Khana.