First Shop for Women in Kamari

Wazima added a shop to the tailoring workshop in Kamari. It is called "Negina Saloon" (polished precious stone) and sells "everything women need". 

Wazima and her team of 16 women work totally independent and earn their money without our help. NAZO Germany only pays for the rent which is 100 Euro per month.

Read the eMail Wazima had sent us further below.

Mrs Wazima starts a literacy course in Kamari village.

Mrs WAZIMA lives in the village of Kamari, about a 45-minutes drive from Kabul. She was trained as a tailor at the NAZO center in Kamari. But she wasn't contended with it, she wanted more for herself and her fellow villagers - she did the following: 

1. She built up a tailoring workshop in the rooms of the NAZO center. Currently nine women are working there from 9 am until 4 pm - 5 days a week. 

2. She opened the first shop „Negina Saloon“ in the village of Kamari, where she sells everything women need: for example textiles, clothes manufactured by herself but also sanitary products and many other things. 

3. She started a literacy course. This was important for her because she has been illiterate herself. When she heard that Mrs Baum from Germany will support her matter for a whole year with 150 € monthly, she immediately recruited a teacher (Khatera). Now Kathera gives lessons for 2 hours each day for 30 students. 

4. Mrs Wazima will take care that all students can proceed their studies after a successful graduation from the courses in the NAZO house at a regular school. 

If you wish to see another literacy course in Kamari next year, too - please donate for the salary of the teacher. She earns 100 € a month. Any donation helps.

eMail from Kamari

Kamari, Mai 2016

Mai 2016

Kamari Mai 2016

Dear Elke and all the other members of NAZO in Germany,

I am teacher Wasima the responsible for the tailoring studio and cosmetics shop (for women) in Kamari – Kabul. I want to thank you very much because of your cooperation and helps with us, because of you I have a good job and can teach so much students because here are the students that are eager to learn the profession.
Although in Kamari the security situation is not good but during the Ramadan month because of the plenty of works we worked nightly and we enjoyed from our work, also during the day we worked from 7 am till the evening.
In this days here a man killed his woman and also a woman killed her husband.

But our studio is in a good place and near the main road. We can see the weeding cars and something else. The members of our studio are now 16 (2016) women, we are working together and save our money and after one month we distribute the money.
But now we have changed the system of our work as: every one works for herself, we receive the orders and everyone who sew the cloths earn money.
Now we are less women in the studio, because 2 of my co-workers separated from me because of family problems.

Our problem is the lake of electricity, because we don’t have generator and during the absence of electricity we can’t to continue our works.

Also I want to use one of the empty rooms of the house: if you help me I want to establish a literacy course for the women of the village.

However in the past I had the suggestion of making a shop for women but I didn’t hear from you, so I sold my jewelries and established a shop of cosmetics and some other needed tools of women.

Yours sincerely, Wasima – Kamari studio

P.S. Wasima ist Analphabetin – Sie diktierte den Brief Madina – ihre Tochter Amina hat ihn für uns ins englische übersetzt.

Last Update: 17.05.2016