Show Room in Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna

Because the women do not have a shop yet, they present their goods in their show room. Here you can see some pictures:

The women of all 4 workshops (2 tailoring, 1 leather and 1 jewelry workshop) asked us to help them establishing a shop in the centre of Kabul. There they would have good chances to run a NAZO shop in a reasonably secure large commercial building. They ask us to provide the setup costs, the rent for one year, and maybe some seed capital - then they would be able to sell their products (bags, clothes, and jewelry) well. We couldn't promise anything - but we will try to getting a start-up financing up and running.

PLEASE help us.

When buying a piece of jewelry or a bag, you support the NAZO women in Afghanistan. Visit our website and get yourself


Of course you can also donate directly: for example here

Or contact us and we arrange a meeting where you have a look at our pieces of jewelry, bags, etc. (++49-2205-2352).