Sale in Ghazi Big Kheel starting in January 2017

Report of the project leader

Madina writes on the 8th of April, 2018:
"In the beginning of 2017 fifteen trained women started working in the tailoring workshop of the NAZO house.
With the help of Mr. Mohammad Aalim, the Economics teacher of the tailoring project in Nejrab, the ALS team supports the work of the workshop women, or as they use to say in Afghanistan: the studio women. 
Mr. Aalim procures orders, such as the sewing of curtains for some shop owners from the bazaar of the region. But the women also have their own customers, women from the surrounding villages.

Our second great achievement in 2017 was the opening of the second ALS studio for women who are living in far-away countries in the district of Nejrab and who cannot come to the main building due to transport problems. Both studios were called "Negina Tailor"*. It was a good step for the team to build a second studio (workshop) in the village of Arbab Kheel. Also these registered tailors highly value the help of our organization ALS.
During the first months both studios in Nejrab had a lot to do. The women were happy with their earned money.  

As you know the people who live in the villages of Afghanistan are mostly very poor and they can only rarely afford the wage of a tailor. Unfortunately this has also consequences for our tailors. Leider hat das auch Auswirkungen auf „unsere Schneiderinnen“. To help them that their income is enough to live on, the studio members decided to establish a business besides the tailoring, as Wazima did it successfully in Kamari.
In this shop they now sell cosmetics and sanitary products which are hard to come by in the village. 
We hope that this decision was the right one and that their business will be successful.

When the women proceed their work without the training allowance which is paid by ALS during the training, they earn just enough to be able to finance their modest livelihood. But they cannot yet finance the rent of the house or the salaries of the guards. Therefore we continue asking you for this support.  

I want to point out that the rent for the studio-shop in the village of Arbab Kheel is for Parwana. She has lost her husband and now has to feed her 4 girls and 2 little boys on her own. She desperately needs this money - not least because of the eduction of her children. 

Many thanks for the constant and helpful cooperation. We are looking forward to proceed our joint work, which helps us all a lot,  

Madina, leader of the projects in Kapiza"