Poverty and Sponsorships


Once a month, the needy women who have found a godmother or godfather in Germany come to pick up their support. In winter, many women cannot come because their villages are completely snowed in. Then Najeela sets out and brings them their money home, likewise if someone is too old or ill.

With an allowance of 30 € per month, a needy woman can feed herself and her children.

But every amount you can donate - even if it is less than 30,00 € - helps the poor women to improve their daily life.

Therefore: do not hesitate, become a sponsor of a woman in need.

People in need of help in the courtyard of the NAZO center in Kart-e-nau.

We want to personally introduce some women here who have to carry a particularly high burden - and who haven't found a sponsor yet. Often these women are friends of "our" NAZO students, or they know each other from the neighbourhood. We ask YOU to decide how far you could support these women. Please contact us to hear more details. (Contact)

Shaima says:
"God may richly reward the grace of those who help needy people. We from NAZO Kabul are very happy when we can forward your help. Best regards, Shaima"

Sponsors wanted for educational support (time limited)



Balqis, 24, graduated from high school two years ago, as did two of her three sisters and her brother. The youngest sister is currently in the 11th grade. Her brother, despite his high school diploma, has to work as a tailor and feed the family with the 6000 AFN (about 64 euros) he earns there. Balqi's mother was employed as a cook in a private company until 2020, but then unfortunately lost her job. The father left the family already 15 years ago without divorce to live with his new wife in Pakistan. There is no contact with him anymore. Balqis very much wishes to take up studies and is particularly interested in the Bachelor of Business Administration, which is offered at a private university. The total duration of the study is 4 years or 8 semesters, monthly 4000 AFN (approx. 42 Euro) for the tuition fee and another 2000 AFN (approx. 21 Euro) for travel expenses are needed, because the university is located 8 km away from the house. Balqis hopes that her studies will lead to a better future and give her the chance to find a job with which she can then support her family financially. Unfortunately, she does not have the necessary financial means at her disposal and would therefore be very happy about a sponsor.



Sadaf, 19, has four sisters and one brother. She graduated from high school in 2019 and has since been studying nursing at a private medical institute with a monthly tuition fee of 2000 AFN, which is already covered by a sponsor. Her father passed away from cancer in June 2019 and unfortunately her mother, a long-time NAZO employee, also passed away recently. The previous plan for Sadaf was to successfully graduate from medical school and then take a good job that would allow her to support her family. The seizure of power by the Taliban and the sudden death of her mother has brought many uncertainties and fears. The family has no income, and it is uncertain whether Sadaf will be able to continue her studies. We would like to take some of these worries away from her and are therefore looking for more sponsors who would like to support Sadaf's family with a small monthly contribution. Also a support for the education of the siblings would be desirable, if the situation allows it.

Sponsors wanted for needy women


Karima is a 52-year-old, very innocent, disadvantaged and uneducated woman.
She got married 15 years earlier at the age of 37. Unfortunately, she was infertile and did not give birth to a child. Her husband was a driver.
After 3 years, Karima adopted a child as her son.
But all the time her husband used violence on her and she was under pressure from her husband and his family. Most of the time he beat her because she could not produce a child with him.
Her husband decided to marry again and married another woman.
At that time, Karima adopted son was 10 years old. Her husband said that the adopted son could not live with him and his second wife. She should leave.
So Karima left her husband along with her son and moved in with her brother. Unfortunately, her brother died after a year. Since then, she still lives with her sister-in-law in her brother's house. Her brother's family is also in a very bad economic situation and they cannot feed all the family members. In fact, Karima is the big problem for the sister-in-law. Karima is now in a very bad condition and does not know how to live. That is why she is asking for support.



Mrs. Shila is illiterate and a very poor woman. She is 37 years old, married 14 years ago and has five children, four daughters and one son. Her son is 6 years old, the oldest daughter is 13 years old. Her husband is chronically ill, no one knows what he has and he cannot work.

Mrs. Shila works as a cleaning lady in a private school near her house. Her monthly salary is 5000 AFN. She pays 2000 AFN for her children's school fees alone. She lives in a rented house and 3000 AFN is the house rent. Her three daughters and young son study in the private school where she works. The school helps her by paying the fees for two daughters, but she has to pay for the other two children herself. Since her salary is not enough, she also works after her normal working hours, during vacations and on weekends additionally in some houses, washing clothes, cleaning in the houses and doing other work - all the work that is assigned to her. But this still does not enable her to provide enough food and clothing for her children. She is truly helpless and in desperate need of support. Please help her.

Khowr Shireen

Khowr Shireen is a 75-year-old woman. She is bitterly poor, disadvantaged and uneducated. At a very young age, when she was married, she lost her husband after three months and remained childless. From then on, she lived with her brother and when he died, her nieces took care of her. One of her nieces lives in Kabul and another in Lugar province. Therefore, she spends part of her time in Lugar province and the rest in Kabul. For the last two months she has been suffering from the Corona virus, but now she is feeling a little better. Mentally she is not well, she has lost her memory, which means she does not recognize anyone anymore. 

Mah Jan

Mah Jan is a 72-year-old woman, she lives in Karti, which is now part of Kabul. Her husband passed away 35 years ago. Their daughter got married at the age of 21, but unfortunately died during the birth of their child. Mah Jan has been facing many difficulties and sufferings for more than 37 years. She always feels alone. Until now she lived with her brother, but this year she was chased out of the house by her brother and niece. Therefore, she now lives in her sister's house. She fell ill with coronavirus but overcame it. However, she suffers from late effects. Since she has no income, she urgently needs support.



Samiha is exemplary of one of those young women who married uneducated and unprepared at a young age. Married 8 years ago, the now 31-year-old has two daughters, ages 7 and 5. She lost her husband to cancer when their youngest daughter was just 2 months old. Due to the loss of her husband, Samiha had no choice but to return to her parents' house.

The family's economic income is very low. They work on other people's land for a small wage. Samiha has financial problems and barely manages to meet the needs of her children. Samiha's older daughter attends the 1st grade of school and so her hope rests on giving her daughters a better start in life through education. That they will be able to financially support themselves as well as their mother in the future. And this is exactly what Samiha wants support for, as she cannot do it on her own.Help her to spare her children the usual fate and to break out of the vicious circle that society still provides for Afghan women. Thank you very much.



Zharmina is 35 and without education, 10 years ago she got married. Out of this marriage three children were born. During the first years of her marriage, the family lived with Zharmina's parents-in-law in the province of Logar. However, there she faced a lot of suffering and violence from the parents-in-law. After 8 years, her husband decided to move to Kabul. Unfortunately, bad luck followed her when her husband fell victim to a bomb explosion only a year later. Zharmina had no choice but to return to her husband's family.As soon as she arrived there, Zharmina's brother-in-law suggested that she should marry him, which is not unusual in Afghanistan. Zharmina refused because her brother-in-law is already 70 years old, has a wife, son-in-law and daughter-in-law himself. Zharmina says she is too young and would rather work to provide for her children. Unfortunately, her low level of education is a problem in this regard, as well as the fact that she struggles with health problems such as rheumatism and migraines. She would like to receive support for herself and her children in this way and wishes to express her sincere thanks in advance.

Bibi Zhara

Bibi Zhara

Bibi Zhara is 60 years old, uneducated and unmarried. She was engaged to her cousin 40 years ago, and traditionally in Afghan culture, the young man must pay the future father-in-law money to marry the daughter. Bibi Zhara's father demanded that the potential son-in-law pay him all the money and a car on top of it. The son-in-law in spé had neither the money nor the financial means to buy a car. Therefore, he asked his fiancée to wait until he had the money together. However, he never showed up again and instead married another young woman. Unfortunately, as time passed, no new suitors came for Bibi Zhara. Her father died and her brother married, but also died of a heart attack only a short time later. Bibi Zhara's sister-in-law then left the household and married another man. She left her son and daughter with Bibi Zhara, who struggled to take care of them. Finally, 7 years ago, her nephew got married. Bibi Zhara was shot in the street and hospitalized for 2 months. Fortunately, the bullet hit mainly her hand, but she can no longer use it. Her nephew, whom she had raised, does not take care of her. She does not receive medicine when she is sick, cannot wash her own clothes or cook herself something to eat. That is why she is now asking for your help.

Many thanks! At this point we thank all those who support needy women and their children. Up to now we can support 30 families - thanks to your sponsorhips!

Najeela (left) writes a letter, dictated by the needy woman. It is for her sponsor in Germany.

Mina says about corruption:

"In our country everything is about money. There is only one goal: Money! More and more foreigners are involved in the very big corruption scandals. They are pulling the strings.  They reached an agreement with the Afghan rulers. Instead of doing a proper job for Afghanistan, it is mostly about misappropriation of money and concerns which are not for Afghanistan's good. Both Afghans and foreigners are participating in the corruption. One man can maybe eat half of the dish, but when they are two, they eat the whole dish."