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What exactly happens to my donation and how does it help the Afghan women?

As NAZO has neither personnel expenses in Germany nor sumptuous lease rental charges or marketing costs, our administrative expenses add up to merely 5% (5,49% in 2013). We assure you that the remaining 94% do exclusively benefit the work in Afghanistan.

Why via betterplace?

Easily answered: because betterplace is offering this service for free. Other websites charge the SSL-coded donation form with 30 € (or more) monthly plus extra charges for every single transaction.

YOUR donations will be given 100%tly to our work in Afghanistan.

Determine yourself how much you would like to donate. The amount of 50 € can be varied at will. We are happy for every contribution and thank you in advance.

You can additionally donate to betterplace itself too, that is up to you.


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"Our foundation is a non-for-profit corporation. Our stakeholders have invested in because they believe in our idea. Instead of profits, the return is something better: the priceless feeling that comes from doing something good."

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