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Through an automatic function, the voluntary amount that Betterplace requests for its services is set to 16% of the donation amount. This is not obligatory. Be sure to pay attention to this and set this amount to "0" or - if desired - specify a different amount.

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How does my donation benefit women in Afghanistan?

We here in Germany work in a committed and dutiful way so that the women in Afghanistan can learn professions thanks to their donations.

Practicing these professions (textile, jewelry, leather and carpet designer) enables them to:
(a.) earn a living for themselves and their families independently, or
(b.) contribute to the family income and
(c.) build a future for themselves and their families in their home country.

With your donation you stand up for those who stayed at home and help to reduce - even prevent - the causes of flight. 

Why via betterplace?

It's simple: betterplace offers this service free of charge. All other platforms charge about 30 € (and more) per month for the SSL-encrypted donation form, plus the costs for the individual transactions.

Decide how much you want to donate. You can change the amount of 50 € as you wish. We are happy about any amount - and thank you in advance.



Betterplace explains its operation and funding like this:

"On the one hand, there are private people who support us. In addition to some particularly generous ones who supported us strongly, especially in the beginning, and some who still do in our circle of friends, anyone who is convinced by can also support us. With every project donation you can increase your amount by a "co-donation", which works like a tip. If you do that - thank you! On the other hand, our wholly owned subsidiary, betterplace Solutions GmbH, earns and puts any profits into the further development of betterplace Solutions advises companies in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and implements various concepts and cooperations."

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