Getting Involved

We are only a small association - but we have lots of work.

Our activities in Germany but also in Afghanistan itself have greatly expanded. 
Therefore we are looking for motivated participants or fellow campaigners. 

We - the members of the German association NAZO-Deutschland e.V. - do not receive a payment for our work for the women and girls in Afghanistan - until today we engage ourselves without any payment. Only costs for stamps, paper, toner etc. are refunded. 

Executive board of NAZO Deutschland e.V.

Executive board team of NAZO Deutschland e.V.

We are seeking participants willing provide time and skills for NAZO Deutschland e.V. under these conditions. If you're interested contact us: info(at)

Help for those left behind

Those people who where left behind and could not escape need our support. 
Help us to make our work known across the borders of Germany - and translate our websites into English. 

In Afghanistan we currently finance 4 training centers, where women and girls learn a profession to support their families. After their training the women like to join forces to open a workshop where they can produce jewelry, leather and textiles on their own.  
Unfortunately the possibilities to sell their products have strongly decreased during the last years. Trade fairs, where the women used to sell their products before 2010, are no longer organized in Afghanistan. 
We support poor families with our job trainings. 
Nearly all of our students are illiterate. They have to hold their money together to feed their children, older people and other family members.