Why does NAZO-Germany not carry a DZI seal of approval?

We finance our projects - like many other organizations - through sponsorships and your donations and we hope that you remain trusty towards us - although we do not have a DZI seal of approval.

Since 1992 the German Central Institute for Social Matters (DZI) in Berlin does allocate such a seal to charitable organizations. You may wonder why we did not join the DZI like so many other organizations did:

Efforts and expenditures to receive the seal are high and we wonder if the use of the seal would apply to our organization.

For this reason NGOs like Greenpeace, Terres des Femmes and Amnesty International neither carry a DZI seal.

We would like to explain this decision to you:
We are still a very small organization, but the main reason are the expenses. We always try to minimize our administrative expenses and with a seal those would rise multiplicatively. The sole admission is as high as 1500 € and we would have to pay 500€/year for the seal check-up plus 0,035% of the annual donation sum. We also would have to change our whole accountancy system into DZI standards. Right now we organize our finances on our own via a simple revenue/expenses-bookkeeping supported by the tax accountancy Mike Stursberg / Marco T. Carosi / Brend¬¥amourstr. 5 / 40545 Düsseldorf. The annual expenses for this are about 1000 €, an extern annual auditing by DZI would probably triple these costs.

At the annual general meeting of members we inform about incomes and expenses and the treasurer checks the financial accounts.
The tax accountant submits his issued annual tax declaration to the finance office that confirms our status as a non-profit organization in return.
Furthermore we bring each of our projects separately into account.
The tax declaration, ascertainment of profits and the accounts of the individual projects can be reviewed, if desired.