Today we would like to start a call for help for a special woman. A woman who has been very involved in her life for the needy and those seeking help, but who now has to ask for help herself.

Lailuma Fermuly was employed in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in the former government and was involved in various organizations on a voluntary basis. She was an active and honorary member of the Advisory Board of ALS (Afghan Luminous Sun), our sister organization in Afghanistan, where she not only supported us with words and deeds. In the thoroughly corrupt political landscape of the time, she made the impossible possible and brought NAZO’s and ALS’s concerns to the right contact person in the ministry, free of bribes. NAZO has never paid a single cent (or Afghani) bribe in its history. We owe this in large part to Lailuma.

When the Taliban seized power, Lailuma’s life also changed fundamentally. From a well-situated family, she descended into a socially and financially insecure life. There is no longer a women’s ministry, nor are there any jobs for women. Lailuma’s husband also worked for the previous government and now has no income to offer the family.

To make matters worse, Lailuma’s health problems were severe. A tumor near the brain pressed on the nerves and caused the left side to be completely paralyzed.

Her husband spared no expense and effort and was able to ensure that Lailuma was operated in Pakistan. The tumor was removed, but the paralysis remained, so that Lailuma is still paralyzed from head to toe on the left side. She has also lost her sight in one eye. The surgeon has advised her to undergo urgent follow-up treatment. But the financial means of the family are exhausted. Therefore, we hope for your support and call for donations. If you would like to help this admirable woman and give her back a piece of her quality of life, you can do so via our donation account:

NAZO-Deutschland e.V.
Kreissparkasse Köln (KSK)
IBAN: DE03 3705 0299 0010 0100 80

Please indicate “Help for Lailuma” as the subject. On behalf of Lailuma and her family, we would like to thank you very much for all donations received. 100% of the money will go to Lailuma’s family.

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