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Invitation to Turkmenistan

Rahima and Gulzia are invited to Turkmenistan.

Rahima hört überrascht ihre Einladung nach Tukmenistan.

Rahima und Gulzia am Verkaufsstand.

Präsentation der Waren im Park.

Rahima writes on the 8th of October 2017: "...Besides that we are invited to Turkmenistan for a jewelry show. I'm trying to get a passport. It's all because of you and your help and support."

Yes, we from NAZO Germany e.V. keep on bolstering the women in Afghanistan. For years we have been supporting their activities wherever possible. Now Rahima and Gulzia are being supported by taking over their travel expenses (flight to Turkmenistan, accomodation and a daily allowance.)


Help us supporting them and pay their travel expenses with your donation. Rahima and Gulzia fight like lions for "their women" who work in the workshops NEGINA SALOON. In the park around the building, where the invitation to Turkmenistan took place, they had the opportunity to sell handcraft products. For sure Rahima and Gulzia were there, too. They presented their precious pieces of jewelry, stylish leather bags and finely embroidered textiles on huge tables in the park. But due to the current insecure situation in Kabul - women could be robbed, harrassed or attacked at any corner - only few customers came. The revenues are scarce. Rahima writes: „... we could only sell 1550 Afghani including one men ring and two girls ring.“ (The rate is very low currently: 1,00 € = 78,96 AFN. ) Therefore we ask you: Support the brave Afghan women, visit our shop in Lohmar-Durbusch or our website: