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Mrs Wazima

Mrs Wazima sets up an alphabetization course.

Frau Wazima freut sich über die ersten Schreibversuche

Fleißige Schülerinnen in Kamari

Die Mädchen sitzen dicht gedrängt - alle wollen lernen.

Mrs Wazima lives in the village of Kamari, a 45-minute-drive from Kabul. She was trained to become a tailor in the Kamari NAZO center. But she wasn't satisfied with that, she wanted more for herself and other inhabitants of her village, that's why she did the following:

  1. She built a tailoring workshop in the rooms of the NAZO center. Currently 9 women are working there from 9 am to 4 pm, 5 days a week.
  2. She opened the first shop "Negina Saloon" in the village of Kamari where she sells anything women need, for example, fabrics, specially fabricated clothes, but also sanitary products or make up, and many other products.
  3. She started an alphabetization course. Being analphabet herself, it was a very important thing for her. When she heard that Mrs. Baum from Germany supports her activities a whole year with 150 Euro per month, she instantly hired a teacher named Khatera. Now Kathera teaches 30 students for 2 hours each day.
  4. Mrs. Wazima wants to make the case for each student to be able to continue learning at a regular school after having received a successful degree from the course in the NAZO center.