Achievements from 2002 - 2018

We have been working for women in need in Afghanistan since 2003. In Germany this is the association NAZO Deutschland e.V. and in Afghanistan the association Afghan Luminous Sun (ALS). It is people like Sunbul for whose future chances we are fighting. In Germany she would be a 17 year old girl - in Afghanistan she is a young woman and already carries the responsibility for her whole family (see photo).

Sunbul is an apprentice in the NAZO jewelry workshop in Kabul and she "earns" about 10,-- € (850 AFN) per month. Her older brother has two paralyzed legs and cannot work, her younger brother - about 8 years old - cleans car windows and brings some money home. Her mother is no longer alive. It is these people, whom I call the "people left at home", for whom we have been working for 15 years. It is for these people that we work here in Germany, writing them e-mails several times a day and receiving even more responses (reports and photos), which are the basis of the two websites: and

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In the 15 years together we have achieved a lot

• ALS offers 4 job trainings in Afghanistan: tailoring, production of jewelry, leather goods, and carpets.

• In connection with these trainings, 6 independent studios have been established: 3 tailoring studios; 1 jewelry workshop, 1 leather studio and 1 carpet studio.

• With the projects "cattle for countrywomen" we support needy families in the countryside. .

‚Ä¢ With the sponsorships we help especially poor and/or sick women (and their families)  

‚Ä¢ The ALS women manage the sale  of their products independently in their stores and at national or international fairs.

• We support the ALS women in marketing their handmade products and sell their precious jewelry, original leather bags and finely embroidered textiles here in Germany under the label Afghan-Design


Business section

Marina receives the certificate for good work in the Business section.

Translation of the certificate:
Certificate // Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Ministry of Women's Affairs
Award: Mrs Marina Niazi of the association Afghan Luminous Sun (ALS) is rewarded for her good work in the Business section.

Education, Consultancy, Workshop, Livestock keeping

The NAZO center currently works in four regions

In the city of Kabul:     Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna and Kart-e-nau,
in the province Kabul:   Kamari region,
in the province Kapiza: Nejrab region.

The center in Kart-e-nau has been in existence since 2003 and trains more than 30 tailors annualy.
In 2006 25 women were trained as bakers in the village of Sheweki; in 2008 22 women learned tailoring here.
In 2012 Palwascha, a former student in Sheweki, founded a tailoring workshop in Sheweki. The workshop had to be moved to Kabul Kart-e-nau in 2013 for security reasons. 
From October 2010 until October 2011 the big NAZO house in Ahmad Shah was constructed.
Three vocational trainings are offered here: jewelry design (for 20 silversmiths and 10 stone cutters), leather design (for 25 students) and tailoring for 50 women and girls.
Since 2014 two independently operating workshops exist in Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna: jewelry and leather
Since 2014 about 30 women have been trained as tailors here.

Livestock keeping: Since 2011, on an annual basis cows in-calf have been bought for the regions of Kamari and Nejrab. They are the livelihood for very poor rural women.

In 2008 jewelry design was added in a pilot project as a new vocational training, in 2011 leather design. 
Since 2011 the NAZO women have been supporting the rural women of the villages with their agricultural projects.

Since March 2009 all NAZO trainings are officially recognized, which is marked on the certificates accordingly.

In 2011 three further awards were added: ‚Ä¢ In the business section, ‚Ä¢ In the section of self-employment, ‚Ä¢ In the livestock keeping section. 

Self-employment section

Mastura holds the certificate for her service in the self-employment section in her hands.



Translation of the certificate:
Certificate / Islamic Republic of Afghanistan / Ministry of Women's Affairs
Award: Mrs Mastura Nuri of the association Afghan Luminous Sun (ASL) is rewarded for her service in the section of self-employment for women in need.

Livestock keeping section

Translation of the certificate:
Award: Afgan Lumnious Sun is rewarded by the organization ASGP (Ambassador‘s Small Grants Program to support Gender Equality in Afghanistan) for the project Livestock keeping for rural women.

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