Tailoring workshops in Kamari

Official opening of the new NAZO house in the village of Kamari.
from left: Najla, Marina, Madina, Shaima, Hafiza

Every opening, every certificate ceremony, but also the women's day or a holiday is celebrated with a feast.
Then there will be fruits, biscuits, and - as a drink - the popular chai tea (Kaimagh-Tschai).

In Kamari the village eldest were also involved in the preparations. They provided a house for ALS/NAZO. The house was rearranged and renovated by the husbands, brothers, and sons of the future students. In March 2013 the lessons could begin: 25 women learned tailoring took their exams in March 2014.

Since April 2014 there is an independently working tailoring workshop in Kamari. A teacher visits once a week to teach the tailors advanced methods.

The counselling courses (health, law, literacy) are also offered.



Village street

NAZO center in Kamai in summer

The students go home after their lessons.