New Tailoring Program

At the women's request a new tailoring program was initiated in Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna on the 21st of March 2015. As usual, many women were interested; 32 could enter the program to learn tailoring .

Although there was no money for the simple sewing machines, the women wanted to come together in the center to learn and to participate in further training courses.
Leila – the head of the material storage – suggested to start off with embroidery, knitwear and crochet, which have lately come into fashion. No sooner said than done.

When we came to Afghanistan in April, the young women persuaded us that they wanted to learn more, most preferably tailoring.

Because of the fact that 32 young women visited the course, we couldn't do anything else but agree to the purchase of 32 sewing machines. Find the dresses of these tailors here soon.

In a country where assassinations, kidnappings and, yes, war have been part of the everyday life for over 35 years now, "our" NAZO women can only be admired. Until today they believe in a better future and use all their efforts to make it happen.

This is only a small example:

The women arrive at 8 am for their lessons. At this time they have already completed their housework and some of them have been on the road for hours: First they use different mini-busses up to the place where the vehicle-access roads end. After this they have to walk about 20-25 minutes by foot over a sandy and muddy gravel plain. In winter they have to trudge on foot through the snow, until they finally arrive at the NAZO center at Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna.
At that time we had the promise of the district leader that the new housing area, where the NAZO center was built, will be connected to the road system within a year.
Unfortunately these roads do not yet exist. 

Photo: In the background the NAZO-Center in Ahmad Schah Baba Meyna