Schoolbags for Village Children

In the NAZO center schoolbags are sewn, wrapped and brought into the villages.

In 2012 the students of the leathering workshop already sewed schoolbags for poor boys and girls of the village of Kamari. In the first quarter of 2013 other schoolbags for the remote area of Nejrab were produced. Besides the bags the women produce for sale, they also sew free of charge for needy fellow people.

Madina says:

"We were able to buy the material for the bags from your German aid funds - the parents of the children in the villages often do not even have enough money for buying paper or pens - how could they afford to buy a schoolbag? We are so happy that we are able to share our luck with our brothers and sisters..."

Wrapping of the schoolbags

Journey to Nejrab in the province of Kapiza - passing the french ISAF camp.

Women and men who are not related to each other, never stay in the same room - apart from emergency situations. Therefore Jawed has the important taks to show the schoolbags to the village eldest and explain their use.

Boys in front of the school building

Girls are still taught in tents.

The boys proudly present their schoolbags.

Madina gives the schoolbags to the girls.

The project was completed in 2013.