Palwasha in the village of Sheweki

Palwasha says:

"I sneaked off to the NAZO center to learn, without the knowledge of my father. When he finally found out about it, he caused me great trouble. I came from Sheweki on a daily basis. That was very difficult. As a woman you'll always be offended outside und it is not easy for you. The training at the NAZO center changed my life completely. Before that I used to stay at home all the time. I didn't have anything to do. Now I have learned. I now sew and I have enough work to do. I also trained my younger sister how to sew. She now even goes to school and in parallel she works as a tailor. I do not pay her a salary but whenever she need clothes, or shoes, or anything for school, I pay for it.  My work completely saved the financial situation of my family. This makes me really happy. I am much more confident now and can make decision by myself."

In 2011 she takes over the tailoring workshop and afterwards the advanced training course. In 2013 she has to relocate her tailor shop to Kart-e-nau, because working for women in Sheweki had become far to dangerous.

Comment by her sister

"During the time, when Palwasha was not yet able to sew, our economical situation was very very bad. After she had been trained in this job, everything greatly improved.
I copied everything from here and also learned a lot. The great advantage is, that we always are very busy. We live on a farm with 4 families. While we are sewing, we have no time to care about other problems. I have learned a lot from my sister. I help her. She is my role model. 

In our area Palwasha is the master. Many people are coming, even from Logar or from far away."

Palwasha and her sister visiting Kart-e-nau.