Handover of the Solar Lamps

Madina in Nejrab

In the province of Kapiza there are hardly any roads, not even "jeep able roads" (simple roads). People go on foot or take their donkey. Of course there is also no electricity.

In 2013 Jawed told us about the joy of two very poor families when they received two solar lamps. As a result we tried to obtain more solar lamps and asked our "Afghanistan-interested people" in a newsletter if someone could help us. And really: our donation appeal was successful.

The Solar Global e.V. association donated 20 new solar lamps which we brought to Kabul in April.

Look at the photos and read the letter which was written by Madina who handed over the solar lamps to very poor families in the district of Nejrab (province of Kapiza) on the 6th of May 2015.

Letter from Madina

Dear women of NAZO in Germany, 

during the 5 days (2.-6. May 2015) in the district of Nejrab I did the following things: I visited poor families and asked who was the most desperately in need. So that these people could receive the solar lamps. 

When I came back from my visit I had learned that the women worked very hard day by day: they educated their children, looked after the cattle, cut the grass, looked after the chicken, collected firewood in the mountains to cook and bake bread, washed the dishes, cleaned the house and prepared three meals a day. 

Besides the 7-8 children they have to look after, they also have to care for the mother-in-law, the father-in-law and the brothers-in-law. Very often their girls do not attend school because there is too much work to do. (the daughters have to help in the house and on the field). 

Despite of the hard work the women like what they are doing and are pleased with their life. They earn their money by selling what is growing on their fields, also eggs and diary products. 

What is making them sad are the insults with which husbands and brothers-in-law humiliate them; but also diseases and the fact that they often do not have their own house. 

They wish all their children could attend school and they could move into their own house. 

After we had made our decisions, we distributed 18 of the 19 lamps. We kept one for the room of our security staff in the NAZO center. 

The tailoring training in the NAZO center Nejrab is making good progress. With the help of some brothers and uncles of the students, we will now start with the marketing of our products. 

With best regards, Madina

The project was completed in June 2015.