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Balqis, 24, graduated from high school two years ago, as did two of her three sisters and her brother. The youngest sister is currently in 11th grade. Her brother, despite his high school diploma, has to work as a tailor and feed the family with the 6000 AFN (about 64 euros) he earns there. Balqi’s mother was employed as a cook in a private company until 2020, but then unfortunately lost her job. The father left the family already 15 years ago without divorce to live with his new wife in Pakistan. There is no contact with him anymore.

Balqis very much wishes to take up a course of study and is particularly interested here in the Bachelor of Business Administration, which is offered at a private university. The total duration of the study is 4 years or 8 semesters, monthly 4000 AFN (approx. 42 Euro) for the tuition fee and another 2000 AFN (approx. 21 Euro) for travel expenses are needed, because the university is located 8 km away from the home. Balqis hopes that her studies will lead to a better future and give her the chance to find a job that will enable her to support her family financially.

Unfortunately, she does not have the necessary financial means at her disposal and therefore she would be very happy about a sponsor.

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