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Jamila was widowed at a very young age and has since been living with the family of one of her sons in Kart-e-Nau, Kabul. Her son is married and has 7 children (2 sons and 5 daughters). He is still lucky to be able to work every day and earn money, but the money is not enough for the whole family.

The 70 year old Jamila has a leg injury from a car accident and in addition to that she suffers from heart problems since last year, so that she is relying on a regular intake of medication. Her son cannot afford the money for the medication. Until the end of 2022, Jamila had a sponsor family who supported her, but unfortunately this could not be continued for 2023 due to financial reasons. Jamila is currently doing very poorly without the heart medication and would be very grateful for the support of a sponsorship.

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