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As an active member of the ALS Advisory Board, Lailuma is now asking for your help. She lived a good and peaceful life with her husband and children in Kabul – until the invasion of the Taliban changed everything. In addition to her work for ALS, she was involved in several aid organizations and made sure that her children received a good education.

As we all know, most women had to severely limit or completely suspend their jobs and activities after the rise of the Taliban. Lailuma also found herself at home. Since her husband worked for the government, he lost his job too. As if that were not enough, to make matters worse, Lailuma experienced health problems. A tumor near the brain pressed on the nerves and caused her left side to be completely paralyzed.

Her husband spared no expense and effort and was able to ensure that Lailuma was operated in Pakistan. The tumor was removed, but the paralysis remained, so that Lailuma is still paralyzed from head to toe on the left side. She has also lost her sight in one eye. The operating doctor advised her to undergo urgent follow-up treatment. But the family’s financial resources are exhausted. Therefore, Lailuma hopes for the short-term support of sponsors and thanks them very much in advance.

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