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19-year-old Sadaf has four sisters and one brother. She graduated from high school in 2019. Since then, she has been studying nursing at a private medical institute with a monthly tuition fee of 2000 AFN. The fee is already covered by a sponsor. Her father passed away from cancer in June 2019 and unfortunately her mother, a long-time NAZO employee, also passed away recently. The previous plan was for Sadaf to successfully graduate from medical school and then take a good job that would allow her to support her family. The seizure of power by the Taliban and the sudden death of her mother has brought many uncertainties and fears. The family has no income, and it is uncertain whether Sadaf will be able to continue her studies in the long run. We would like to take some of these worries away from her and are therefore looking for more sponsors who would like to support Sadaf’s family with a small monthly contribution. Also a support for the education of the siblings would be desirable, if the situation allows it.

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