1. Training Round, Start 01. October 2016

Report from Hamidullah Hamidi Admin Finance Manager, January 2017

The Kelim project for poor Afghan women will go on for four years and four periods of training. The first period has started on the 1st of October 2016 with 25 students and one Kelim weaving teacher.
The students were selected from different parts of Kabul. The students were aged between 15 to 25 years. Some of them had just studied in primary school.
The first period will end in August 2017.

In winter, the working time is from 08:30 am to 03:30 pm and the official working days are from Saturday to Wednesday - thus five days per week.
The students are divided into five groups. They often discuss the Kelim pattern and ask their teacher questions whenever they have difficulties during work.

Every day the students have tea break for fifteen minutes. During the tea break A.L.S. provides hot tea and water for them. Lunchtime and prayer time is from 12 pm until 01:30 pm. Each day we have different kinds of food for the students.
Sometime during the lunch I ask them whether they have any suggestions or complaints about the schedule of foods and fresh food.

"When I asked some of the students about the Kilem project, one student said to me:
I am very happy about the Kilem project because I am learning new things and it will be good for my future. Also right now my family is happy because every night I am telling them about my daily work and work environment. The best time is for me is the time when I receive 1,500.00 AFN as motivation. I give 1,000.00 AFN to my mother. She will use the money for daily running costs of our home. I save the remaining 500.00 AFN  for my future."

When I asked Mrs. Bilqes, the Kilem teacher, about the working results of the students, she said to me:

"All students are learning very well - now they know how to handle patterns and tools  and they know how to weave a carpet. From 25 student the most quick learners are: Nena, Robina, Sheila, Rahela, Spozhmai, Marzia, Karima and Zakya.