Project completion 31.03.2020

ALS women now have a long experience in the implementation of the approved projects. This means that the present project was carried out as described in the application.
The students and employees came from all over Kabul.
A transportation service was arranged for those who could not walk: Every morning at 6:30 am, the driver starts his round trip of about 15 km and picks up the women (students and employees) at their homes. After classes end ( 4:30 p.m.), he brings them back home in reverse order.

A total of 70 women were trained as carpet makers, 12 were employed and 5 instructors were engaged for the three training/consulting courses (alphanbetization; sales training and legal advice).
The training was completed by 70 women who passed an examination and received a nationally recognized certificate stamped by the Afghan Ministry of Women's Affairs.

Weaving and knotting looms for all examinated students

After the completion of the 2nd round of training, almost all the women wanted to stay in the workshop, which of course was not possible.
The idea of small groups was born: The women who live close to each other joined together in small groups (between 2 and 4 people) in order to be able to practice their profession at home after the end of their training. So, in June 2018, weaving and knotting looms were also purchased for these small groups. Each group receives a weaving and knotting loom for their work at home, as well as material and the necessary equipment needed for the production of a carpet.

Thus equipped, at the end of the project all 70 women work either in the carpet workshop or in a small group at home.