20 Cows for 40 Rural Women (2015/2016)

With the purchase of 20 cows 40 families can be supported long term.
Because the villages are far from each other, it is important to rent a room for the training in a central village. Here the women come together twice a week to learn everything important for successful livestock keeping. Starting with hygiene in the barn, further to information on the right food, the recognition of particular diseases and their control, and last but not least the preparation and marketing of the dairy products.

While distributing the cows, the women who will later receive a calf will be determined. The 40 women who will own the cows later on, will be divided into two groups of 20 women each. On a bi-weekly basis they will receive training through a farmer in the village of Dawlat-Kheel.

In the countryside women and girls are tied to the traditional role of wife and mother. Villages are often far from the cities without access to roads or public transportation. Thus, schools or training centers are rather uncommon. Within the villages women can best build their own livelihood by keeping cattle.

Therefore we would like to buy more cows. We would like to ask you and your friends to think about contributing to the costs of a cow. A cow in calf costs about 1.000 €, including transport, food and some care products.
Find the donation form here.

To receive training from the farmer the women need to leave their house twice a week. Leaving the house and meeting other non-family members is the first and important step to expand their horizon of experience. In exchange with other women they make the experience that their problems are not only relating to themselves, but there are other women with similar thoughts, emotions, fears and expectations. Very often, in a mutual discussions solutions can be found for the most difficult problems.



Feast for Women and Children

Feast for the District Dignitaries

From the start, the project is accompanied by the influential men of the villages. The strategy is followed by NAZO/ALS for every project. Only when men are involved there won't be trouble and jealousy in the community later on. 

The most important men of the villages (village chief, chief of the intelligence service, police, mullah, and so on...) will be invited to a feast. Several goats must be bought and slaughtered, then the feast is prepared by the women. 



Men will be involved in the following:
1. Selection of the families
2. Purchase of the cows
3. Selection of the trainer
4. Building of the cowsheds