Carpet studio in Ahmad Shah Baba Mena

From the March report 2019

Yasameen Shirzad, the director of the carpet workshop writes in March 2019:

".... The new year 1398 started well for us. We were able to participate in a sales fair in HABIBULLAH ZAZAI PARK in our neighborhood Ahmad Shah Baba Mena. We sold carpets - including those from the first round of training. We took in 20.000 Afghanis ( about 240,00 €). From this money the weavers and knotters received 13.000 AFN. With the rest we contributed to the running costs of the training center ...." 

The carpet workshop exists since 01.12.2017.

All of the carpet designers have spent 10months at the NAZO training center learning to produce capets. 5 of these 25 women joined forces to establish a carpet workshop within the localities of the center.

It gives the women the opportunity to continue working within the safe space of the NAZO center, which means: they can continue to leave their homes every day to work within the group instead of having to return to their houses working in isolation. The groups have been sharing their knowledge for years and they support each other - in short: the workshops promote the progress of the women while strengthening their network.

Many of the former students became teachers at their workshops and train new students, but in this case the carpet workshop there are no trainees in this short time.

And yet another positive impact of our job trainings: the women - as multipliers of knowledge - can pass their knowledge and expertise to other women and prospectively will not need to rely any longer on male teachers.

Last update: 9/04/2019