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Since 2016, a lot has changed.
Some bag makers have moved away, others have married - in any case, there are multiple events why the founding group has changed and shrunk.
At the moment 5 women still work regularly in the studio and at the same time they still train 5 girls in this profession.

As there is no indication that the security situation in Afghanistan will improve, we will have to continue to support our protégés financially for some time to come. Here is a quote from a report by the head of the training center in Kapiza, April 2018:

"... As you know, most people living in Afghanistan are very poor and they can rarely afford the salary of a tailor, let alone buy things that they do not need immediately to survive. Once they have successfully completed their training, if the training allowance that ALS can pay them during their training is eliminated, they earn just enough to be able to finance their modest living expenses. But they still cannot afford the rent for a studio store or the wages of the guards. That is why we ask you to continue to support the studio stores."

Unfortunately, our donations are not sufficient to support the 80 women who now work in the 7 studios and sell their products in 5 stores.It would be very nice if you could take over a sponsorship for the leather studio.

Here you find the donation form.

Leather studio

The leather studio exists since 21.03.2015.

All of the leather designers have spent 24 months at the NAZO training center learning to produce bags. 11 of these 25 women joined forces to establish a leather studio within the localities of the center.

It gives the women the opportunity to continue working within the safe space of the NAZO center, which means: they can continue to leave their homes every day to work within the group instead of having to return to their houses working in isolation. The groups have been sharing their knowledge for years and they support each other - in short: the studios promote the progress of the women while strengthening their network.

Many of the former students became teachers at their studios and train new students, at the leather studio there are currently 6 trainees.

And yet another positive impact of our job trainings: the women - as multipliers of knowledge - can pass their knowledge and expertise to other women and prospectively will not need to rely any longer on male teachers.

Last update: 08/04/2019