Sale and tailoring "Negina Tailor" in Arbab Kheel, Kapiza province

In Nejrab (province of Kapiza, Afghanistan) we train women in the NAZO center to become tailors. After the training they build groups to proceed working together. In the village Arbab Kheel a group of 15 women has been formed. SAll of them are former students who learned the occupation of a tailor. They asked as to support the development of their tailoring workshop with connected shop in their village. 
With your financial support we were able to provide the money for the renovation and redesign of the rooms in Arbab Kheel.

Report from Afghanistan 06.06.2017:

"Many thanks, we are physically intact, but our minds have suffered a great deal. Since the last attack in Wazir-Akbar-Khan / Kabul the security status here is worse than ever since the fall of the Taliban 15 years ago.  

5 days after a demonstration of people outside the presidential palace, all main roads in Kabul still remain closed. People, staff, and students cannot reach their workplace and are facing different problems.  

In these times your are the only ones who support us and give us strength. 

About Nejrab: At the moment Madina is in Nejrab und will stay there until the end of the week. Work at the center is making good progress. The first workshop (studio) has been established and the women and their former students - as always - are hardworking. Unfortunately the 2nd workshop (studio) with attached shop Negina Saloon at the bazar of the village Arbab Kheel is not yet active, because we still haven't got enough money for it." 

It took "only" 4 weeks - and we were able to transfer the money needed for the renovation and equipment in Arbab Kheel (4,500 €). Thank you very much for your support! 
Now only the money for the rent is missing: 100,00 € monthly. Donate here.

In the office of the chairman of the ministry for "Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs & Disabled" of the province of Kapiza.

Left: Letter from the state representative of the province of Kapiza:

"The NGO of ALS today 1394-04-18 coincident to 09-07-2017 opened a new tailoring studio in Toghak area of Nejrab district, by attendance of the chairman of Work, Social affairs, Disabled and Martyrs of Kapisa province, the chairwoman of Women affairs of Kapisa province and the lead of advisory board of ALS at 11:30 am. This studio that is enrich with 9 sewing machines, one overlock machine, cutting table etc. For one year will be under support of this NGO, like paying rent of the house, making marketing for members of this studio and more …”