Tailoring Workshop in Kart-e-nau, Kabul

The tailoring workshop in Kart-e-nau has been in existence since 2012/13. Nowadays the rooms have become too small. When we talked to the women in April 2015, we decided to move them to the main building. The kindergarden which is placed there at the moment, in turn shall be moved back to these two rooms.

Palwascha - a former student - and Jamila, the tailoring teacher, share the management of the workhsop. There have been 7 long-term members for three years now.

Beside their work as independent tailors, three tailors also train new tailors. Each of them has 16 students at present. All together 48 women learn sewing in Kart-e-nau. The students come for 2 hours each day. This gives the trainers enough time to process the orders.

The women of the workshop established their own clientele and can successfully sell their dresses. For the two big festivals (Id and Naurouz) each woman and each girl desires a new beautiful dress. As soon as they earn more than 50 Euro per month, they contribute 10% of their income to the running costs.

In April 2015 we approved the purchase of several big, electrical machines which enable the women to also sew dresses with a complex pattern.

January 2016, Kart-e-nau

January 2016

Dear Madam and Mr. Nurullah,

best wishes from me and other members of Karta-e-now studio for all the members of ALS – Germany, hope you are doing well. At the first we want to thank you all because you give us the opportunity to work together and be self-employed.

Second we want to inform you about tailoring studio and our works, because you asked how we find customers and orders. When one member of a family reference us we are trying to sew her cloths very well in order to satisfy her and then she encourages the other members of her family and friends to come into our studio. One time we sew the cloths of a teacher, when she went to school all of her colleagues liked her cloths and became our customers.

We are working alternative and each of us who sew the cloths receives the money of customer.
I have the customers from my home neighborhoods and bring the works into studio and sew with help of my colleagues.

I have a notebook and notice how much work every one has done during a month and in the end of the month everyone receives their wages.

Also we have students that 3 of us teach them in 3 times, every period of our teaching takes 2 hours. At the beginning the fees of one student for one month was 100 AFG (ca. 1,40 €) but after 6 months we increased this fees to 150 AFG (2,15 €) and at the end of month we distribute the money.
Every month each of us who do the works of customers and teach the students earns 4500 to 5000 AFG, ( ca, 65 € - 72 €) and those who just do the orders of customers earns 1500 to 2000 AFG. (22 € - 30 €).

At the beginning of every month we collect 300 AFG (ca. 3.20 €) from each member of studio and buy our needed tools, also we do the works of cooking and housekeeping alternatively.

At the end we want to tell you that if we could have a window on the outside of the house it will be good for us for our marketing.

Yours honestly,
Shamila and other members of the Karta-e-now studio

Auch diesen Brief übersetzte Amina, die Tochter von Madina, von Dari ins Engliche für uns.

Last Update: 17.02.2016