Counseling courses

Health and hygiene

The health courses are offered in all of the NAZO training centers: 

- in the main house in Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna
- in the village Kamari (pictures above show the courses during 2017)
- in Najrab (village Gahz Big Kheel)





Marina writes:

"The representatives of the ministry for trade found it interesting that we also offer advanced training, such as family planning, sales training and legal counselling, besides the vocational training
Our training center in Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna is located far from the gates of the town. Therefore there are many women who need exactly these courses. The request for the courses is very high. Not only those women who participate in our vocational training are chosen for the courses but also women who do not (yet) learn in the center. These two courses also take place in our house in Kart-e-nau. Here we have 30 women besides "our" women who visit these courses, in Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna there are 65 of them."

General introduction

Exercise for childcare

Individual interview

Leaving certificate


Doctors and midwives of the Swedish organistion MERCY come to the NAZO centers and make a subject of the questions regarding hygiene, health, birth control, nutrition etc.  
NAZO provides the participants and rooms. MERCY pays for the costs of the experts in return. 

The participants of the course learn basic skills, how they can prevent ordinary diseases and how they can protect themselves from giving too many births, etc. The organisation MERCY confirm the successful participation with a certificate.