Training as a Tailor

The training as tailor or dressmaker takes place annually in the NAZO houses: 

Nowadays the teachers are former students, who teach their own trainees in the tailoring craft. 
Such teaching workshops are located in
- Ahmad Shah Baba Meyna
- Kart-e-nau
- Kamari
- Nejrab, province of Kapiza


updated: 08.12.2017



Examination Work

Class in Kart-e-nau

Cutting in Kamari

Certificates ceremony in Scheweki

Schaima (left) hands over a sewing machine to the student. It is now the property of the student (right: Marina)

Schaima and Palwascha In Discussion

Schaima asks Palwascha: Did you visit school?

Palwascha: When I visited the courses of NAZO in Kart-e-nau, I felt that I must learn something. There I also learned reading and writing - and everything else.

Schaima: How did you feel when you taught your own village neighbours here?

Palwascha: I had a very beautiful feeling. Being analphabet, I had never even thought about teaching myself. But Allah brought the day where I worked as a teacher. That is a feeling of gread joy.

Schaima: Did any of your students learn as good as yourself?

Palwascha: Yes. About 5 or 6 girls are very good.

Schaima: Did you grade their accomplishments for the certificates?

Palwascha: Yes. I have divided the students in three levels. In this way you can determine who belongs to which category. It wouldn't have been that good if I had graded each of the students the same. 

Schaima: Of yourse. The differences are there. One should know who made more or less effort.