Zeugnisse im Ausbildungszentrum Nejrab

Bericht vom 30.07.2015

Dear Mrs. Elke, I hope you are fine. As you know, I had a trip to Nejrab. Thursday I returned back now. I am fine and safe.

During my staying there I registered the name of 20 new students for our second training period. And also supplied the 25 last students sewing training books and all of related material inclined to their sewing machines and made them ready for the assembly day.

On the day of handover of the certificates two agent of *Ministry* of Labor, Social *Affairs*, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD) also attended for control of our works and the women from Kabul was also willing of the assembly.

Also the tailoring studio with cooperation of 6 women with responsibility of one of them by the name of Shamila started their works together. Shamila is an active girl and also works as assistance of the teacher. For more information you can see the photos. (siehe oben)

One request: the students trust us by giving permission of taking their photos, we try to send you more and good photos. But I request you if it is possible please do not put the zoom in photos in the website, because if one member (brother or father) of the families of the students see the photo they will make us problem. The girls in Afghanistan do not have the permission of sharing of their photos.

With kind regards, Madina