Executive Board NAZO e.V. Deutschland

NAZO Deutschland – Hilfe für Afghanische Frauen e.V. is the sister association of the Afghan association ALS. We chose the name in memory of NAZO Tokhay, the “Grandmother of Afghanistan”. She lived around 1700, was a poet and mother of the founder of the state Mir Wais Hotaki.
But soon there were several associations in Afghanistan with the name NAZO. Especially the wives of influential politicians had founded them and called them NAZO. To avoid a legal dispute, the association NAZO-Afghanistan has been called Afghan Luminous Sun – NAZO Professional Education Center (ALS) since September 2005.

Both associations go back to the initiative of Elke Jonigkeit, a documentary filmmaker. Since 1985 she has produced 8 films in Afghanistan about the way of thinking and living of the people, especially the women and children.
Together with the protagonists of her films, both associations were founded in 2003.

NAZO Deutschland e.V.

Nurullah Ebrahimy
Chairman of the Board
Shortly after his arrival in Germany (1985), he met Elke Jonigkeit and worked with her for numerous years, first as a translator in her film work, later also as an interpreter – and always as a competent advisor. He is the bridge to Afghanistan on which we can approach the worlds of thought and feeling of the people in Afghanistan.
Contact him via: ++49-211-5446423 or

Britta Wittmacher
Sponsorship Officer & Spokesperson
Britta has been helping in the office and computer work since 2018 and mainly takes care of the sponsorships. She lives in Overath. Her email address is:

Daniela Dwersteg
Vice Chairwoman & Content-Managerin
Daniela has been in charge of the association’s website since 2017. She lives in the Eastern Allgäu and can be reached at:

Roya Ebrahimy
Social Media Expert & Allrounder
As Nurullah’s daughter, Roya has been able to follow the development of NAZO e.V. from an early age. She has been NAZO’s secretary since 2020. As a young Afghan woman, she is very committed and motivated to help the women from her home country. If you have any questions, Roya will be happy to answer them:

Marjan Seleman
Marjan uses her knowledge and experience, which her Afghan roots bring with them, to actively support the organization and liaises with the authorities. Reachable at:

ALS Afghan Luminous Sun

Parwin Dost
Chairwoman of the Board
Founding member and long-time support of the association.

Wahida Ahmadi
Vice Chairwoman
Wahida is Parwin’s right-hand woman and also serves as chief financial officer, where she handles billing.

Massoud Hotak
The Man for Everything
Massoud’s official position on the ALS board is that of an administrator. He runs errands, communicates with authorities and ministries, and makes the trips to the sponsors and workshops to deliver the funds.

Zarif Samim
Head of Advisory Board
Zarif works at the Ministry of Economy and is a great help in all discussions with the authorities.