Once a month, the needy women who have found a sponsor in Germany come to pick up their support. In winter, many women cannot come because their villages are completely snowed in. Then Najeela sets out and brings them their money home, likewise if someone is too old or sick.

With an allowance of €30 per month, a needy woman can support herself and her children.

But every amount you can donate – even if it is less than 30 € – helps the poor women to improve their everyday life.

Therefore: do not hesitate, become the sponsor of an Afghan woman in need.

Needy women in the courtyard of the NAZO center in Kart-e-nau

Looking for a Sponsor:

Many thanks! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who support needy women and their children. So far, thanks to your sponsorships, we have been able to help 30 families.