We, NAZO Germany e.V., together with our sister organization in Afghanistan, have been advocating the training of women and girls since 2002. Our work is based on the following principle:"If we support and strengthen women and girls, a peaceful civil society will be formed in Afghanistan.” 

Changing news of our work

Madina's report on the 4th quarter of 2020


shows a report about "our" women in Nejrab


Constant work in Afghanistan and Germany

* People are being kidnapped, robbed and raped, or even killed, on a daily basis. The fundamentalist forces have gained influence – and can intimidate, threaten or harm women just as they did back in Taliban times. Globalization makes it possible to view websites in Afghanistan and all around the world. To prevent an identification of the women, we decided to edit the images so that the women can no longer be identified. Thus, we placed an asterisk on their face.

About the construction of the NAZO center, 23 min.

Interview with Elke Jonigkeit - hr2 - 19.10.2018