Livestock in Kapiza

The Students

The women and girls come from poor families who did not get the chance to go to school or even start a vocational training during the past 30 years of civil war and Taliban control. Even today about 90% of women older than 14 years are analphabets! A large number of these women returned from Pakistan or the Iran. They are not able to return to their villages because entire areas changed hands over the last 20-30 years of their exile or because dangerous mines make the region uninhabitable.

Because especially young women and girls are seen as "unnecessary eaters", they are normally married off at young age. If they do not attend meals at home on a daily basis, if they receive a training allowance or if they are trained in a socially acceptable job, the reason for early marriage is omitted.


The iliteracy rate is one of the highest in the word: for women, even today, it is said to be around 90%, for men around 80%.
(Source Wikipedia, Aug. 2013)

Other sources talk about 8% of the women who can actually read and write.
(Source: World in Numbers, 2013)