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Shah Bibi


Kart-e-Nau, Kabul





Limited in time?


26-year-old Shah Bibi lives in Kart-e-Nau, Kabul, and suffers from both physical disabilities and other health problems. One of her hands and both of her feet have grown larger than normal. The young woman is also chronically ill with gastrointestinal problems and kidney problems. Anemia is also present.

Shah Bibi lives with her two brothers and her father. Her two sisters are married. The father is too old to work, and the older brother suffers from mental illness. Only the younger brother is able to generate an income for the family by working in a mechanic’s workshop – but the 5000 Afghani (= approx. 53 Euro) per month are hardly enough to feed the family. There is no money left for a doctor. Shah Bibi is therefore in urgent need of sponsorship so that her physical ailments can be treated medically and she at least no longer has to suffer from chronic pain. She would like to thank you very much in advance for your help.

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