Due to the uncertain situation with the distribution of food packages, we were forced to look at alternative help for the people in Afghanistan. In consultation with our local project partner, we decided to distribute a small number of chickens to women and their families in the village of Nejrab.

Initially intended as a pilot project, 10 chickens and 2 roosters per family were purchased from private donations. A total of 30 families benefited from this action. In addition to the chickens, the families received about 49 kg of animal feed.

Strengthening the region

The chickens come from farms in the area, all have been vaccinated and veterinarian checked. The women of the families have received training on keeping chickens and have also been professionally supervised for 2 months. The eggs from the chickens can be sold at the market. For 12 eggs, the women receive about 100 Afghani, which is about 1.25 Euros.

Through the roosters already this year offspring is possible and thus a sustainable security of this source of income for the families.

Current situation

This pilot project became a larger project in 2023. In the meantime, 150 more families could participate in the chicken project. Each woman/family receives 20 chickens and 5 roosters. The total cost for a “chicken package” are about 160 Euros. Included are the chickens, purchase, food, transport, vaccination and personnel. Our local project partner guides the women for 3 months and gives them advice and support.

Interesting facts

Location: Nejrab, province of Kapisa

Time period: from 2022

Families: 180


In the village areas of Afghanistan it is normal for women to work in the fields in addition to the hard work in the household and the supervision of the children. Many poor families do not have their own land and thus earn their living as day laborers. To ensure that the women can take care of their children, they are taken to the fields, usually in sweltering heat.

This chicken project allows women to look after their children at home, take care of the household and keep an eye on the chickens at the same time. They can either use the eggs they obtain to feed the family themselves, sell them at the market, or raise chicks. Later, the women can sell chickens and thus contribute to the income.

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